Work Packages

The project IDEAL work-plan comprises seven (7) distinct work packages (WPs). The Work-plan outline with regards to the different WPs and their interconnections is shown in the following figure.

WP0 deals with the go-to-market strategy of the proposed innovation. It will provide all the necessary data for the Feasibility Assessment of the smart structural component produced by utilizing a metallurgical slag that is generated in copper  primary production industry. WP1 is dedicated to the management of the project, including all coordination and management activities. Dissemination activities of the new knowledge and training activities related to the project are covered in WP2. WP3, includes the engineering of the properties required. In WP4, the technologies that will be applied for the production of the smart structural components (i.e casting and 3D-printing) will be assessed and the produced geopolymeric components will be characterized in terms of physical, mechanical,thermal and fire properties. In WP5, the in-situ validation of the smart geopolymeric structural component will take place under an operational environment (large-scale tunnel in Crete and demo-building at FORTH respectively) while in WP6 the Life Cycle Assessment and Environmental Assessment of products and production technologies,as well as their techno-economical evaluation will be done. Last, WP7 deals with the activities for the commercialization of the innovative smart geopolymeric component and the IP protection.

Project Work Packages

  • WP0 – Go-to Market Strategy
  • WP1 – Project Management
  • WP2 – Dissemination and training
  • WP3 – Upscale Materials Engineering
  • WP4 – Materials pilot production
  • WP5 – Demonstration of geopolymeric components in tunnels and demo-buildings
  • WP6 – LCA and Techno-economical evaluation
  • WP7 – Activities for introduction into the market. IP protection