Tecnalia: EIT RM Core partner - Coordinator

Fundación Tecnalia Research & Innovation (TECNALIA) is a private, non-profit technological research centre, settled in the Basque Country (Spain) and created in 2011 from 8 research organisations, which merged their capabilities and energy to work towards the common goal of generating and developing business opportunities through applied research. The Product Safety and Fire Resistance Team at the LabServices Division is expert in the following areas:

    • Evaluation, development of fire resistance of construction materials and systems in order to assess the fire resistance in case of fire.
    • Development on testing protocols in accordance with the new regulation and market.
    • Advise on regulations for the pre-normative theoretical-experimental fire resistance evaluation.

In 2018, TECNALIA has constructed a facility for large-scale fire reaction tests on façades. These large-scale tests are designed to analyse the spread of fire on the internal and external side of the cladding, the spread at critical points (wall-slab connection and window/door-façade connection) and the mechanical performance of components (material collapse/fall off). The facilities are adaptable to a wide selection of testing needs to meet industry standards and other regulations such as BS 8414, BR 135, LPS 1581, LPS 1582, ISO 13785, NFPA 285 or CAN ULC S134.

University of Padova (Academia) – EIT RM, Core partner

The University of Padova (UPD) is a major research university. The main research directions recently developed deal with the fabrication of geopolymer foams and 3D printing of ceramics, using direct and indirect Additive Manufacturing techniques. The laboratory is equipped with different 3D printers, and for processing and characterization of highly porous inorganic components.

Tasks in IDEAL project: UPD oversees the production of porous geopolymer components at the lab scale by additive manufacturing, by optimising the parameters for the production, and collaborates with Desamanera in the large scale production of boards using Additive Manufacturing).

Boliden (Industry) – EIT RM, Core partner

Boliden is a metals company with a commitment to sustainable development. The company’s core competence is within the fields of exploration, mining, smelting and metals recycling. Boliden has a total of approximately 4,800 employees and a turnover of SEK 34 billion.

KU Leuven (KUL), Academia – EIT RM, Core partner

KU Leuven is a research-intensive, internationally oriented university that carries out both fundamental and applied research. KU Leuven is a core partner in both EIT Raw Materials and EIT KIC InnoEnergy, and is the only European partner in the US NSF-supported I/U Cooperative Research Centre for Materials Resource Recovery and Recycling ( One professor and the corresponding research groups participate in the IDEAL project. Prof. Yiannis Pontikes has an expertise on the valorisation of secondary resources This work will be performed in dedicated facilities (“SlagLab” and “SlagPilot”) and in the upscaling centre that can produce approx. 1t/day of pressed or casted monoliths (boards, tiles and blocks of various dimensions).

National Technical University of Athens (Academia) – EIT RM, Associate partner

National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) is the oldest and most prestigious technical educational institution in Greece. In IDEAL project, NTUA takes part through the Laboratory of Metallurgy (LabMet) that belongs to School of Mining and Metallurgical Engineering. The team has long experience in R&D on extractive metallurgy processing and the development of inorganic polymeric materials from mining and metallurgical wastes and especially, of fire resistant inorganic polymeric materials for applications in tunnel’s industry.

LTU Business AB (LTU AB), Northern CLC - EIT RM, Core partner

LTU Business AB is the largest business development company in northern Scandinavia. We specialize in business development, innovation management and professional education. In addition to being the official Technology Transfer Office and Industry Liaison Office for Luleå University of Technology, we serve clients from both private and public sector. The experience in business development have made us a trusted partner for innovation management on the international arena including numerous European projects in industry sectors including mining, renewable energy, ICT and more.

FORTH, Project Partner

FORTH is the largest research and technology foundation in Greece. The Institute of Electronic Structure and Laser is one of seven research institutes comprising the FORTH. Its research activities are in the areas of Lasers and Applications, Soft Matter and Material Science, Microelectronics and Theoretical and Computational Physics and Chemistry ( Particular emphasis is given on the strategic subject of photocatalytic innovation technologies with focused efforts on the synthesis and applications of visible light activated materials (powders) aiming towards improved indoor air quality applications. On this subject the group was selected as one of the ten finalists in a National Competition of ‘Innovation’ projects ( A parallel strategic activity developed lately is on “Green House Technologies” with focused efforts on the evaluation and testing under real-life conditions utilizing a unique test-bed facility for building parameters monitoring and analysis.

Desamanera (DESMA), SME (Start-up) – Project partner

Desamanera (DESMA) is an innovative start-up incorporated in December 2014 with headquarters in Italy. They operate in the field of additive manufacturing, commonly known as 3D printing, both developing large scale printers and providing 3D printing services for large scale inorganic components. They have also developed various high quality products that, through craft techniques and processes, are applied to the 3D prints, making the final product unique and exclusive. They use a proprietary equipment with a printing envelope can be as large as 2.5m x 2.5m x 2.5m. They offer: a) a large scale 3D printing facility for stone and recycled marble, b) a set of fully inorganic binders, some of which are also suitable for high temperature use, c) natural binders, no epoxy resin or polymers, environmentally friendly materials, d) manufacturing and sale of components.


ENALOS is a start-up SME that aims on fire testing and passive fire protection services, valorization of primary and secondary resources in added value applications for construction sector (including fire resistance, thermal Insulation, construction tiles and bricks, road aggregates, smart functional materials etc.) , development of Technologies for sustainable Processing of lower grade and/or complex primary and/or secondary raw materials and client-driven studies on specialized issues. ENALOS was funded by the EIT Raw Materials for the execution of the company’s business plan as part of the EIT – Starter Booster project. ENALOS will be the main commercial partner of the products derived from the project.