IDEAL’s objective is the commercialization of an innovative product aiming to the construction sector. The material is applicable in fire protection and air fresh applications. The markets for fire resistant and photocatalytic components represent values of €25 and €10 billion, respectively. The commercialization of the results will be held by a Joint Venture constituted by partners from the consortium.

Development of fire resistant materials for the construction sector

Transformation through geopolymerization of industrial residue into geopolymer construction products

Functionalization with integrated photocatalytic coatings for disinfecting and air cleaning properties

Pilot production of boards with 3D-printing (innovative cutting-edge additive manufacturing approach) to substantially reduce cost

The ultimate scope of this project includes (a) the transformation of the industrial residue of the partner Swedish mining and smelting company Boliden (Copper Slag) through geopolymerization into geopolymer components for the construction sector, (b) the pilot production of the materials with  different technologies either through precast(conventional technology that sets the basis for comparison with the competitors products) or 3D-printed boards(innovative cutting-edge additive manufacturing approach) aiming to a substantially reduced cost (at least 50%). The geopolymer boards (60 m2) will be produced in large scale (1mx2m)- commercial likely- dimensions with daily production of 100m2; (c) the functionalization of the geopolymers with integrated photocatalytic coatings generated from ZnO (Boliden – providing) with disinfecting and air cleaning functionalities. The coatings will be applied on the material through a spraying system applied on both pilot production units; (e) the application and demonstrating of the final products in a real environment (a tunnel and a demo-building in Greece); (f) testing of the final products performance under real conditions.